On March 4, State President Egils Levits met with Aigars Strupišs, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Juris Jurašs, Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Saeima (parliament), at Riga Castle to discuss the relationship between the legislature and the judiciary.

During the meeting, the role of the parliament in the career development of judges when deciding on the confirmation of judges in the office, as provided for by the Constitution, was discussed.

The participants of the conversation agreed that the dialogue between the constitutional bodies should be encouraged, which would strengthen the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law in Latvia. Both Juris Jurašs and Aigars Strupišs expressed readiness for such a dialogue.

"At this very moment, this meeting and conversation is significant in order to understand that we all have one goal – Latvia – a strong and legitimate country. I am convinced that the Supreme Court, together with the Legal Affairs Committee of the Saeima, will find opportunities for meaningful co-operation in the common interest of the whole society,” the President emphasized.

The President also expressed his readiness to participate in the dialogue between the constitutional bodies, taking part in the conversation with the Judicial Council on the independence of judges and on other topical issues of the judiciary in the near future.


 Information and photo by the Chancellery of the President