This week in the Supreme Court is the students’ week. On October 5, two groups of students visited the court – from the Riga Secondary School No.46 and Zalves and Sproģu elementary schools, but on October 6 a student from Cēsu Gymnasium Inga Kleša became a “shadow” in the Supreme Court.

Within the framework of the project “Career guidance and consultation activities for teenagers from Riga Secondary School No.46” high school students get acquainted with various professions. Attorney-at-law Aina Bērziņa is one of the advisors in the project and provides the students with the insight in the profession of a lawyer, and upon her initiative one day was devoted to visit the Supreme Court. Five students of the 11th and 12th grade who are interested in law, used this opportunity. After information about the work of the Supreme Court and visit to the court premises and the museum, the girls had a chance to see a real court session of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate.

And ten students from Aizkraukles region Zalves and Sproģu elementary schools had received a special invitation from their countrymen – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Guļāns and Senator of the Department of Criminal Cases Vilnis Vietnieks. They are Honoured Citizens of Zalves rural district and maintan connections with their birthplace, and this time they presented the students tickets to the new Latvian movie “Riga Guards”. But before the movie – a nice visit to the Supreme Court. The students had a meeting with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Guļāns and the Senator Vietnieks, a tour in the Courts Palace, with a look into the floor of the Cabinet of Ministers, the deliberation room of judges which has its own confidential secret, and other places.

Inga Kleša, a student of the 10th grade of the Friendly Call Cēsu State Gymnasium had chosen the Supreme Court as the place for the Shadow Days. She wrote an application in e-mail, sent it to the court, received an invitation and became a “shadow” of judges. It is rather difficult to learn such a hard and responsible profession in a day, but Inga got an insight. The girl participated in the court session of the Auders criminal case, learned about the Supreme Court in general and discussed the work of a judge more deeply with the judge Inguna Radzeviča. During her studies in the Gymnasium, Inga will have to write a more extensive scientific work, and she intends to link her research with the law, therefore she met also with the Chairman of the Chamber of Civil Cases Gunārs Aigars to discuss her intentions.


“Shadow Day” is an undertaking organized by “Junior Achievement-Latvia” during which students throughout Latvia have a chance to learn about their future professions.

Information prepared by Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

Author: Rasma Zvejniece, Manager of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

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