On February 6, 2006 eleven 5th Year law students, from the University of Latvia have begun field practice in the Supreme Court. The following four weeks they will get acquainted with case materials, take part in the sittings of court, prepare draft judgments and at the end of their practice analyze some important judicial problem. Professor K.Torgāns of University of Latvia and R.Krauze assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will monitor the students’ practice.
The students were welcomed by the Chief Justice A.Guļāns. He wished to try for more knowledge, so the time spent here would be valuable and useful. However the head of the administration A.Kehre mentioned that the Supreme Court is looking at the students as possible employees and invited everybody to the discussion on March 31, 2006, organized within the framework of Lawyers Days, about the role of the judges’ assistants.
To obtain general knowledge, the students will get acquainted with work of all the Senates’ departments. R.Krauze will be responsible for the area of civil cases, senator V.Čiževskis in the area of criminal cases, but senator I.Skultāne in the area of administrative cases. Students will practice 2 weeks in their favorite area, but in the other two areas only one week.
Law students have to practice not only in the court, but also in the prosecutor’s office and state administration institution. Along with graduation work and state exam, practice is one of the last examinations before getting a diploma.
To have a good collaboration in the matters of students’ practice as well as training assurance for courts’ employees, there is a cooperation agreement signed on February 6, 2006, between the Supreme Court and University of Latvia.