March 11, at 16.00, the opening of the new version of the Supreme Court website, the newly created domain and the brochure of the Supreme Court will take place.

The new version of the website is already publicly accessible today, it replaced the one designed in 2003. All the previous information has been retained, however, the new version has an updated design, there are wider possibilities to use information and cooperate. A printed guide “ lietotājiem” has been worked out to provide assistance in examining the new website and finding the necessary information.

“Information for interior usage” – this is the title of the domain intended to be used only by the staff of the Supreme Court. This source of information will help anyone working in the Supreme Court as it will not only show the previous announcements and press releases, but also provide usage of the catalogues of the staff contacts and document files, and allow to examine the interior regulative documents and much more.

The brochure “The Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia” on 58 pages is the first more comprehensive collection of information on the Supreme Court of the restored Republic of Latvia published as a separate issue. The brochure reflects the place and the role of the Supreme Court in the Latvian judicial power, it serves also as the guide to the procedure of court trials in the Departments and Chambers of the Supreme Court, a separate section is dedicated to the history of the Court. The brochure is intended to be used in libraries, educational institutions, state and public organizations, and, of course, it will be presented to all the participants of the event.

Information of the society and development of awareness on the rule of law was one of the priorities of the budget of 2007 of the Supreme Court, it is listed as a priority also in the strategy of activities of the Supreme Court for 2007 - 2010, as well.

Representatives of mass media have to register for passes to the presentation with the Division of Communications, phone 67020396.

Information prepared by the Head of the Supreme Court Administration Anita Kehre

E-mail:, telephone: 7020395, 29287367