The 5th of July was a celebratory day in Supreme Court. Chief Justice was greeting those officials who have obtained a diploma of higher educational establishment. There are eleven graduates in Supreme Court this year – three are Masters of Law, six are lawyers with higher professional education and two bachelors.
Andris Gulans has expressed satisfaction in the fact that young and purposeful people work in Supreme Court, that they step by step climb the mountain of knowledge and create their own career. The Diploma is an evidence of knowledge and perspectives of a person, therefore it is a self-satisfaction but as well is a contribution to workplace. Chief Justice has confessed that it is a point of honour for Supreme Court for officials to study and improve themselves professionally, and obtain experience to their knowledge and career while working in Court. He wished graduates their future life plans to come true too, and has expressed a hope that they will be fulfilled in Supreme Court, not looking for career possibilities elsewhere.
As well as Chair of Department of Administrative Cases Valerijans Jonikans, Duty executor of Chair of the Department Zigmants Gencs and Head of the Administration Anita Kehre also joined graduates and wished the realization of future plans.
Special complimentary words were granted to assistant of senator of Department of Administrative Cases Gatis Bārdins, who has graduated MBA with honour. His Master’s paper on the subject “Theoretical substantiation and argument meaning of method of dialogue” has gained the highest mark. Doctor’s degree is in his future plans.
The Master’s diploma of Latvian University was received by assistant of senator of Department of Administrative Cases Marina Borkoveca, and of Police Academy by assistant of a judge of Chamber of Criminal Cases Marite Kozlovska. Marina has created a paper on the subject “Control of hierarchy of legal provisions in Court”, and Marite on the subject “Liability for national or racial hatred kindling”.
The professional diploma of lawyer by Latvian University was also given this year to Agris Dreimanis, Linda Mitre, Inese Usakova, Iveta Rudzite and Gita Gutmane, and by Rezekne Higher Education Institution - Jānis Puzirevskis. Bachelors degree in Latvian University of Law was obtained by Zane Skultane, and of History – by Kristine Berzina.


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