In the framework of project of cooperation of Latvia and Switzerland “Modernisation of courts in Latvia” the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics visited the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland and Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Switzerland. The delegation of Latvian courts got acquainted with experience of Switzerland in use of modern technologies in the work of courts and Prosecutor’s Office.

The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland is located in two cities – divisions of public law, civil law and criminal law are locate in Lausanne, but the division of social insurance, also known as the Federal Insurance Court of Switzerland – in Lucerne. Other governmental institutions are also distributed among different cities, thus demonstrating the democracy, decentralisation of governmental management of the Switzerland and promoting steady development of the territory.

Latvian court delegation verified how successfully the administrative management has been realised in both parts of the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, using everyday video and electronic communication with courts. The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland demonstrated also opportunities of electronic litigation and use of phonogram equipment in court rooms.

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office has also been equipped with equipment for videoconferences. The day before the arrival of Latvian delegation, this equipment was used, so that some citizen of the Switzerland in a videoconference could give the evidence upon the case that has been reviewed in Portugal.

During nearest years there has been planned to equip Latvian courts with equipment for videoconferences and phonogram equipment. This will happen in the framework of the project “Modernisation of courts in Latvia”. In the summer of this year there had been signed the first contract of the cooperation programme project of Latvia and Switzerland, in which there had been fixed an agreement about giving of financing for realisation of the project, that will be made by Court Administration. Total expenditure of the project is 9.41 millions Swiss francs or approximately 4.4 millions lats. Contracts about workout of technical documents for solutions about equipment for videoconferences and phonograms and also for works on improvement of telecommunication structure in court institutions and places of imprisonment have been signed already.

Main activities in the frame of the project are equipment of courts and places of imprisonment with utilities for videoconferences, equipment of court rooms with utilities for phonograms, improvement of availability of court information and services, inter alia, using modern technologies, and improvement of effectiveness of litigation proceedings and management of court expenses.





Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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