The Board of Justice supported appointment of Zita Kupce, the Chair of the Administrative regional court, in the post of a judge of a district (city) court stating that after approval in the Saeima in the post of a judge of a district (city) court the judge will execute judicial duties in Ogre district court.  

Zita Kupce applied in the competition for vacant post of a judge in Ogre district court, substantiating that she would like to work in this court so that the place of work would be closer to the place of residence, moreover, because the Administrative regional court would be moved from Riga city centre to Pardaugava in 2013.  

Zita Kupce has been the judge of the Administrative regional court since 2004, and since 2008 she has been the Chair of this court. Previously, she had been judge in the Riga city Zemgale suburb court for seven years.

The second decision, adopted by the Board of Justice pursuant to the Paragraph Two Section 77 of the law “On Judicial Power”, is to instruct Iveta Stuberovska, the judge of Riga city Centre district court to execute duties of a judge of Riga regional court during temporary absence of a judge.   

The law states that the Board of Justice, pursuant to proposal of the Minister of Justice and having received positive statement of the Judicial Qualifications Committee, may instruct a judge of a district (city) court to replace a judge of a regional court for the term not exceeding two years.  


Rasma Zvejniece,

The Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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