On June 11, Chief Justice Ivars Bickovics accepted oaths of two notaries – Linda Eglite and Gita Rubina.

Both notaries have been appointed as sworn notaries in the area of activity of Vidzeme Regional Court, namely, Linda Eglite in Valka, Gita Rubina in Gulbene.

Notaries will take on their duties on June 17.

After an oath-taking, Ivars Bickovics, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, wished the newly admitted sworn notaries to maintain the "spark in their eyes" which is a characteristic of a good lawyer with great working ability, as well as to maintain the good reputation of Latvian notaries. "The public trust in notaries is higher than in the judiciary as a whole; a notary is closer to a person than a court because he or she is the first legal aide," the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court emphasized.

Vija Pizica, Deputy Managing Director of the Council of Sworn Notaries, said she was pleased that the new colleagues are starting work outside Riga, where a notary is even closer to a person and feels public’s feedback. Yet it also places greater responsibility on working with the people involved in daily life to uphold the principle of integrity and honesty in every situation, which sometimes requires civil courage.

Whereas, Anta Maldupe-Krumina, Deputy Head of the Council of Sworn Notaries, wished the colleagues to maintain the balance between the fast pace of life and the time needed for the notary to consider all the things twice and thrice before making a decision. "The world of the notariate makes you stay alert at all times," a representative of the notariate said.

Sworn notaries are persons belonging to the court system, who are assigned to regional courts. According to the Notariate Law, a sworn notary shall be included in the list of sworn notaries and may commence the fulfilment of the duties of office only when he or she has insured the professional activity risk and has given the oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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