On March 31, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepted oaths of office of four notaries.

Arita Rateniece, Dace Elksne, Ilze Roze and Kristine Sapcenko have joined the community of sworn notaries. Arita Rateniece and Kristine Sapcenko will perform their duties in the area of operation  of Vidzeme Regional Court in Cesis, but Dace Elksne – in Vidzeme Regional Court in Aluksne. Ilze Roze will work as a sworn notary in the Kurzeme Regional Court in Ventspils.

After an oath-taking, Ivars Bickovics, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, dedicated following words to new notaries: “I wish you to hold the name of Latvian notaries in high regard. This moment of social distancing certainly does not mean alienating of people, thus do your best to be available to those people for whom you are most often the first legal aid, the first counselor.”

Janis Skrastins, Head of the Latvian Council of Sworn Notaries, presented new colleagues with notary badges. Janis Skrastins pointed out that at the moment it is quite a difficult time, but one’s personality is always shaped in hardships and thus invaluable experience is gained.

Sworn notaries are persons belonging to the court system, who are assigned to regional courts. According to the Notariate Law, a sworn notary shall be included in the list of sworn notaries and may commence the fulfilment of the duties of office only when he or she has insured the professional activity risk and has given the oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 


Information prepared by Iveta Jaudzema, International Cooperation Specialist of the Supreme Court
E-mail: iveta.jaudzema@at.gov.lv; telephone +371 67020396