On December 18 twenty five attorneys gave oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Ivars Bickovics accepting the oath wished the newly admitted attorneys to be full of energy, smart, creative, thus – to be in demand. When choosing the strategy for their work they should remember that an attorney, on one hand, works as a private entrepreneur and has no employment relations with the state, but, on the other hand, the advocacy is a part of the judiciary. The public attitude to the court system develops also by evaluating the work of the attorneys, and it affects also the prestige of the work of judges and prosecutors.

The majority of the newly admitted attorneys are the former assistants to the attorneys – Antra Antoma, Baiba Abzalona, Liga Baltmane, Elina Bedanova, Andis Bubnovs, Iveta Edolfa, Jekaterina Halturina, Daiga Jaksevica, Aiga Klimovica, Lana Leja, Irina Naprijenko, Normunds Pusko, Galina Radiloveca, Andra Rektina-Hitrova, Janis Silins, Viola Supe, Sandra Sprude, Karlis Tracums, Antra Vorpe, as well as the lawyers of enterprises and institutions – Iveta Bela, Inga Purmale, Emils Salins and Edijs Saulitis. The attorney’s oath was given by the advisor to the Minister of Defense in legal matters and the head of the minister’s office Janis Dzanuskans and the lecturer of the Liepaja affiliate of the Baltic International Academy Ilze Lajaka.

To become a certified attorney, a person with respective education and length of service takes the examination for attorneys. If the applicant passes the examination and the Latvian Bar Association has not received data that under the Law on Advocacy there exist obstacles for the admittance, the Latvian Bar Association admits the applicant to the association, determines the place of practice for the attorneys and notify the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court regarding the admitted attorneys. The Chief Justice in accordance with Article 46 of the Law on Advocacy accepts the oath of the newly admitted attorneys.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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