“Notary Days is valuable and well-organised event, which serves to promotion of not only notary institute, but also accessibility of the court system and strengthening of rule of law in the state”, Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, expressed his appreciation of tradition of Notary Days, participating in the annual general meeting of Latvian sworn notaries.

Traditionally, the Chief Justice was trusted to give the Award of the Notary of the Year – the owl made of stone, which symbolises wisdom – to Gunta Daugaviete from Livani, who was recognised as the best notary of 2013.

At the annual general meeting of Latvian sworn notaries, notaries reported about performance of last year, and gave Award of the Notary of the Year for the ninth year in turn.  

In the general meeting of notaries gratitude was also expressed to those notaries, who consulted the largest number of people within Notary Days, giving advices free of charge. In the beginning of this March, Notary Days, organised by the Latvian Council of Sworn Notaries took place for ninth year in turn. During these days notaries provided consultations to people in Riga and all regions of Latvia free of charge, ensuring an opportunity to every interested person to receive answers to different legal questions.  This year, during Notary Days particular attention was paid to legal security in unregistered and registered relations.