On April 4, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court took the oath of ten advocates admitted to the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates.

Mārtiņš Daģis, Zaiga Buklovska, Armands Smans, Emīls Rokjānis, Ģirts Miķelsons, Gints Puškundzis, Krišjānis Bušs, Toms Vilnis, Jorens Jaunozols, and Līga Mačuka have become sworn advocates.

When addressing the newly admitted advocates, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Aigars Strupišs emphasized the belonging of sworn advocates to the court system and the responsibility for its prestige and reliability. "Every profession has its hardships. It is easier for a judge to be completely objective, but an advocate often has to find themselves between two interests, both of which are contained in the advocate's oath – to take care of client's interests and to comply with national laws in good faith. Often the client's interests are very close to the line when an advocate has to be cautious not to break the law,” said the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He emphasized that although an advocate should not be associated with a client, no principle is absolute - if an advocate helps a client to break the law, then the line where that principle does not work is very close. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wished newly admitted advocates to feel those lines, which should not be crossed by members of the judiciary, and if there is any doubt about the correct course of action in a particular situation, an advocate should read and reconsider the oath signed today.

In order to become a sworn advocate, a person who has an appropriate education and work experience, passes the advocates’ exam. After passing of the exam, if the Council of Sworn Advocates hasn’t received information on obstacles for admission of the new candidate stipulated in the Law on Advocacy, it admits a candidate to the community of sworn advocates. In accordance with Section 46 of the Law on Advocacy, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepts the oath of newly admitted advocates.  


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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