The current, already the fourth collection of rulings of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court Senate has been compiled and published.

In the collection, 81 most significant rulings of the Department of Administrative Cases in 2007 have been selected and arranged in 11 sections which provide an insight in the tendencies of court practice of the Senate during the last year – the latest cognitions and the development of the already existing ones.

The year of 2007 was significant in the field of administrative procedure because the case law starts to reflect the interpretation and application of those law standards which were included in the amendments to the Administrative Procedure Law adopted at the end of 2006. Taking into account that these amendments were the first considerable amendments since the Administrative Procedure Law came into effect, the collection highlights the most significant case law cognitions in this context. However, the majority of the rulings of the collection establishes and develops the already set case law.

The administrative courts and the Department of Administrative Cases in particular starting from its establishment has established high quality standard of the court rulings, paying special attention to the argumentation of the rulings. The consultant of the Division of Case law in the administrative matters Ieva Viskere who is the compiler of the collection of rulings stresses that the contribution of administrative courts in the development of understanding of general principles of law, the strengthening of human rights and the specification of the undetermined law concepts in the field of the public law draws near the contribution of the Satversmes (Constitutional) Court. Thus, the annual collection of rulings of the Department of Administrative Cases has to be acknowledged a valuable source of information both for practicing lawyers and other persons interested in the law sciences.

The Head of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate Veronika Krumina points out that that making the rulings accessible for the public ensures transparency and predictability of the judicial work, as well as contributes to the achievement of the principal goal stated in Article 2 of the Administrative Procedure Law – lawful, accurate and efficient application of law standards in the public legal relations. The court rulings more and more frequently are acknowledged a competent auxiliary source of law, therefore such collections of rulings become significant instructional material for each practicing lawyer.

To make the collection easier for use and to help the interested persons work with it, the collection contains several indices to find a specific ruling or to study a specific problematic issue of the administrative procedure.

The collection is published on 1060 pages. The price in the book stalls of the Court House Agency is 21.40 lats.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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