The Council for the Judiciary calls on the Supreme Court to set up a working group to examine the factors affecting the length of civil, criminal and administrative proceedings in Latvian courts.

Ivars Bickovics, Chair of the Council for the Judiciary said, “Although the length of proceedings in Latvia are generally shorter than in the European Union on average, there are individual court proceedings that are disproportionately long. The issue of reducing the lengthy time-limits for adjudication of these individual cases has been raised by the Council for the Judiciary already in the past, but this time the members of the Council unanimously agreed to take active steps.”

The Senate of the Supreme Court and other representatives of the responsible institutions will be invited as experts in the working group, which will be chaired by the Division of Case Law and Research of the Supreme Court.

The working group is invited to analyse the course of legal proceedings and to summarize the reasons for lengthy proceedings using the criteria for adjudication of cases established by the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. The working group is invited to submit a summary of the identified factors affecting the duration of the proceedings and the conclusions drawn to the Council for the Judiciary by 1 October.

The issue was addressed by the Council for the Judiciary at the meeting on 10 February 2020.