The Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate of the Supreme Court on the 1st of February celebrated the ninth anniversary of coming of the Administrative Procedure Law into force and of commencement of operation of administrative courts organising a “TV-bridge” – connecting in videoconference with Administrative regional court and Administrative district court.

The reason was not only a festive date of administrative law, but also a working seminar – joint dispute and discussion on voluminous amendments to the Administrative Procedure Law, which became effective in January, 2013, and application of which caused some questions and vagueness in courts.   

As Veronika Krumina, the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, pointed out, it might become a tradition of the restored Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate – to organise working seminars on topical legal issues for judges of regional and district courts, using present new technologies, namely, videoconferencing.

In the room of the Supreme Court, beside senators and assistants to senators of the Senate, there were Zita Kupce, the Chair of the Administrative regional court, and Ilze Freimane, the Chair of the Administrative district court, and judges of these courts, but the most judges, however, were at their working places – in the Administrative regional court and court houses of the Administrative district court in Riga, Rezekne, Valmiera, Liepaja and Jelgava.  

Judges discussed how to apply standards established in the Administrative Procedure Law in practice, for example, about settlement in administrative procedure, grounds of non-acceptance of an application and grounds of rejection to review an application, if it is obviously unreasoned, on several claims included in one application, etc.   

“The aim of amendments to the law was to make administrative procedure and work of administrative courts more effective and faster, thus, when applying the law, courts should act so that number of formal decisions and formal replies would be as little, as possible”, thus Veronika Krumina, the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, marked the aim of discussion.

Equipment necessary to process the videoconference, which was installed in all Latvian courts and places of imprisonment within framework of individual project of cooperation between Latvia and Switzerland “Modernisation of courts in Latvia”, will be used by courts not only to provide remote process of court hearings, but also in different seminars and meetings, when judges involved reside in different Latvian cities. 


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court  

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