The Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court participates in Nordic-Baltic mobility programme for public administration, and two study visits of representatives of the department were organised to Denmark and Norway.  Judges of the Department – Aigars Strupiss, Marika Senkane and Zane Petersone, assistants to judges – Gunvaldis Davidovics, Santa Vigante, Anita Soloha and the assistant to the Chair of the Department, Linda Vigante, participated in the project.  

During the first visit to Copenhagen, Denmark, representatives of the Supreme Court visited the Court of Frederiksberg, Eastern regional court, the Supreme Court of Denmark, Danish Maritime and Commercial Court, Danish Court Administration and the Appeals Permission Board. During the second visit to Trondheim and Oslo, the delegation, in turn, visited the Court Administration, the Judicial Supervision Committee, the Supreme Court of Norway, Oslo district court and the Ministry of Justice.

Latvian delegation got familiarised with system of justice of Denmark and Norway, discussed alternative dispute resolution methods, learned about information and communication systems used by institutions of justice in Denmark and Norway  to supervise civil cases being adjudicated, talked over  activities of the judiciary and executive power in field of implementation of some new procedural solutions to speed up adjudication of civil cases, and discussed available and effective solutions to increase trust to the judiciary.  

Goals of the project “Access of individuals to the court of last instance for civil rights protection and responsibility of judges for wrongful actions that leads to cancelled decisions” of the Nordic-Baltic mobility programmefor public administration  are: 1) to simplify procedure of access of individuals in resolution of disputes in field of civil law; 2) to search for new procedural instruments to decrease length of adjudication of cases in the Supreme Court; 3) to improve feedback between the court of last instance and lower courts; 4) to strengthen judicial independence, at the same time paying necessary attention to aspects of judicial responsibility and necessity to carry on continuous education of judges.  

The project has been implemented by cooperation of Nordic partners:  the Supreme Court of Denmark, the Danish Court Administration, the Supreme Court of Norway, and the Ministry of Justice of Norway. Project funding of 60% is covered from means of Nordic-Baltic mobility programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers, and  40 % is co-financing from the state budget (Grant Agreement No.PA-GRO-742).


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