On Friday, 30 June - nine Supreme Court employees got their Law Diploma of the Latvian University. Six of them became Law Bachelors, but three Law Masters. The Ceremony took place in the Big Hall of the University of Latvia.
The Bachelor Degree was awarded to the Senators assistants of the Administrative Case Department Gatis Bardins and Arlita Zarina, assistants of judges from the Civil Cases Chamber Santa Kalnina and Evita Plumina, Secretary of the hearing from the Chancery of the Senate Imants Orubs, as well as Secretary of the Case Law Division Gunvaldis Davidovics. The Diploma of Master degree was awarded to the consultant of the Case Law Dvision Nora Magone, Senators assistant of the Administrative Case Department Inga Bērtaite and Senators assistant of the Criminal Case Department Dace Rozite.
Chief Justice Andris Gulans was invited to speak as a representative of the judiciary, but especially he congratulated Supreme Court employees. The Senator of the Administrative Case Department Jautrite Briede was elected as a best lecturer and in her speech wished “To earn much money, but that it all should be legal and clean”. Senators assistant Gatis Bardins held his speech as a graduate. He invited to remember, what they were told as a first year students by the Roman law lecturer Arta Jansone. She wrote it in big letters on the board – “Law is the art of good and fair”. This explanation of Law has to be kept in mind forever.
But those are not the only Law graduates that we have this spring, two of them got their bachelor in Bisness School “Turiba”, one in Police Academy and one more in the University of Latvia.