The Division of Case-law and Research of the Supreme Court has compiled and systematized the findings of the Senate in civil cases, when applying legal provisions that determine the limitation periods and preclusive periods.

The findings of the Senate are arranged according to following issues: accounting and application of limitation periods; limitation periods and preclusive periods by scope of regulation – contract law, property law, family law, inheritance law, commercial law, labour law, residential property management, rental of residential premises, insurance law, insolvency law, claims for trademark infringement, international road haulage, time limits for the performance of a procedural action.

The summary includes 99 rulings of the Senate adopted between 2002 and 2020.

The summary is supplemented with excerpts from the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights, which provide assessment of the application of statutory time limits from the point of view of fundamental rights, as well as there are excerpts from the rulings of the European Court of Justice and the Advocates General's Opinion, where the time limits specified in national law for the application of European Union law are considered.



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