Vilnis Vietnieks, the former senator of the Supreme Court, having worked for 32 years in the office of the judge, when retiring in 2010, published collection of his poems “Wind of Selonia”, which includes poems written since the sixties, alongside with work of a judge. The former senator has not lapsed romance and initiative and has prepared and published his second collection of poems “Eternal Value”, which has come to light this week.

Vilnis Vietnieks is a patriot of his native Selonia, the first collection of poems was dedicated to it, and one chapter in the new book has also been dedication to the place, where author’s ancestors lived in six generations.  

The second chapter of the collection is dedicated to writer and painter Janis Jaunsudrabins, who had been cousin to grandfather of Vilnis Vietnieks.

However, the main role this time belongs to love theme, and the first poem in this collection of poems gave title to entire book – “Eternal Value”.  

In preface, the author writes about choice of this theme as follows: “Conclusions are heard that basis of poetry and literature is created from three leitmotivs and opposite pairs: life and death, man and woman, human and God. Man and woman, starting from time of Adam and Eve has been the fundamental pair of opposites, as there would be no motherland, no life, no death, and no eternity. What does unite this pair of opposites – man and woman? In perfect model, it is love that was, is and will be one of the main eternal values of humanity”.

When writing romantic poetry, the former senator concluded that love poems should be written, when the author is relatively young and has been at the mercy of romantic feelings. He had to use memories from his adolescence, and sometimes even illusions.

Vilnis Vietnieks published collection of poems “Eternal Value” in remembrance of Imants Auzins, his literary teacher, man from the same district and patriot of Selonia. Imants Auzins had managed to read this collection of poems of Vilnis Vietnieks and to give professionally valuable support.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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