Since January, 2006 judges and employees have participated in different study projects organised by the Administration.
The first, which could improve their knowledge were senators from the Department of Criminal Cases and judges from the Chamber of Criminal Cases. The lecturer Dace Cirule almost 4 hours gave a lecture on “Application of European Union Rights in Criminal Cases”. This lecture was attended by 15 judges and 6 assistants.
The senators from the Department of Civil Cases and judges from the Chamber of Civil Cases were visiting 3 seminars on Commercial law, the lecturer was Aigars Strupiss. There were 20 judges and 11 assistants taking part in this training, in large it was 18 hours long and there were discussed such themes as – “Public Law in Commercial Law”, “Types of disputes in Commercial law”, etc.
In the beginning of the year there were offered courses on the usage of computers, this possibility was used by 12 judges and employees. The course was 36 hours long and was lectured by Ilona Kojalo – lecturer of the University of Latvia.
March 15, 11 judges’ assistants and other employees got their certificates after successfully attending 18 hours of Legal English. Those courses were organised in collaboration with Riga Graduate School of Law and lecturer Christopher Goddard.