The first order issued on June 16 by the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics undertaking the duties of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was regarding the expiry of the term of office of the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans, and regarding take-over of the material assets and the official seal. Today [he] takes over the cases and learns about the procedure of work organization in the court.

Earlier Bickovics already said that he does not plan any revolutionary changes in the Supreme Court and he considers that the change of the Chief Justice shall not hider or stop the tempo of the court’s activities. One of the issues to be settled in the nearest future is the appointment of a new Head of Administration as the previous Head of Administration Anita Kehre leaves her position in the Supreme Court. Possibly, a Plenary Session of the Supreme Court might be convened in a month to elect a new Chairman of the Chamber of Criminal cases as this position till now was held by I. Bickovics, and also regarding position of the the secretary of the Plenary Sessions as the term of position of the present secretary Valda Eilande expires. Till the convocation of the Plenary Session the position of the acting Chairman of the Chamber of Civil Cases is held by the judge of this Chamber Ervins Kuskis.

Until November when the regular meeting of the Judicial Association is scheduled, I. Bickovics will fulfil the duties of the President of this Association. The Board of the Judicial Association does not find it purposeful to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Association to elect a new President, as in November it is planned to re-elect the entire body of management of the Association.

The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans on June 16 has started to fulfil the duties of a judge of the Supreme Court and has submitted an application to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with a request to nominate him for confirmation as a senator in the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate. I. Bickovics explains that the appointment of a senator in a particular department is decided upon by the joint session of senators of the respective department after receiving approval of the Judicial Qualification Panel.


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Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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