On June 26, prior to the commencement of their duties twenty four newly admitted attorneys gave the oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics accepted the oath of the assistants to the attorneys-at-law Ilze Aksenoka, Henrihs Damroze, Gatis Flinters, Inese Lazdupe, Ainars Leicenko, Inese, Licite, Tatjana Miklasevica, Evita Raciborska, Tatjana Rancane, Pavels Rebenoks, Ilmars Reinis, Oksana Rosovska, Laura Zalana, as well as the lawyers of the law offices Gints Pucens, Marita Purvina, Sandra Rimsa, Janis Strrencs and Eduards Vaisla. The oath was given also by the lawyer Rudolfs Engelis from the company SIA “1980”, the lawyer Armands Jaunzars from the company SIA “B2B”, the lawyer Sandra Liberte from the company SIA “MTK Construction”, the insolvency administrator Eriks Spurelis, as well as the prosecutor Pavels Pilats from the Zemgale court region prosecutor’s office and the former judge of the Riga City Kurzeme District Court Ralfs Beitins.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court addressed the newly admitted attorneys as the colleagues as from the moment of giving the oath they also become the representatives of one of the state powers – the judiciary. Stressing the significance of the position of an attorney, I. Bickovics noted that the rights of the citizens to fair trail could not be granted in the absence of one of the parts – certified attorneys. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court wished the attorneys to fight for the clients’ interests within the law, to continue their professional growth, and to be attorneys in demand who can act professionally in complicated situations. The more professional the work of an attorney, the easier and just it is to administer justice – I. Bickovics admitted from his own experience.

The oath to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is given by the newly admitted attorneys in accordance with the Law on Advocacy. These were the first attorneys whose oath was accepted by Ivars Bickovics who started to perform the duties of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on June 16.


Information prepared by

Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court Rasma Zvejniece

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