The senator of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate Vilnis Vietnieks on September 1, visited his native secondary school in Nereta, that he had graduated in 1963. Together with another alumna of this school of year 1957, ex-prosecutor Olgerts Sabanskis prepared the present for the school – new name tablet that was unveiled above the school entrance in the first day of school year.

Nereta is homeland of classic of Latvian literature Janis Jaunsudrabins, and people, who live in this side, with love and respect keep memory about the writer. In July of this year new name was given to Nereta secondary school – Nereta secondary school named by Janis Jaunsudrabins, and until the beginning of the new school year it was necessary to write the new name also in the tablet by the entrance of the school. Ex-alumni of the school, present respected lawyers Vilnis Vietnieks and Olgerts Sabanskis took care about it. They made and installed name tablet for their own means.

On September 1 for opening of new name of the school not only more than two hundreds of pupils and teachers of the school came, but also principals and teachers of other schools of new Nereta area, management of the municipality, writer Lucija Kuzane and patrons of the school Vilnis Vietnieks andn Olgerts Sabanskis. Ex-prosecutor also presented to the school the portrait of Janis Jaunsudrabins made by the painter Uldis Zemzars.

After ceremonial introduction of first grade pupils into the school life and opening the new name tablet guests together with school kids planted the lime-tree near the school in memory of Janis Jaunsudrabins.

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