In nearest future Latvian courts, other institutions of system of justice and higher educational institutions will receive regular, the seventh issue of the Supreme Court bulletin, but at present it has already been available on the web site of the Supreme Court.  

Front page of the newest issue of the Supreme Court bulletin is dedicated to the event, which is important for the State, the Supreme Court and to all system of justice – the 95th anniversary of the highest court instance – the Senate of Latvia, which will be celebrated by the court with ceremonial sitting on December 19.

However, as from January 1, important structural and organisational changes will be implemented in the Supreme Court, as pursuant to amendments to the law “On Judicial Power” the cassation instance will not be the Senate, but three departments of the Supreme Court. Structured information about these changes is published in the bulletin.  

Another section of the bulletin, which contains information and experience gained by judges of the Supreme Court in international seminars, conferences, work groups and experience exchange visits, is evaluated as useful. Several judges presented their reports, and one of them is report “Cancellation of Administrative Act, Observing practice of the Supreme Court” read by the senator Jautrite Briede at the international conference in Almaty, is published in section “Legal thoughts” of the bulletin. 

In section of case-law of the Senate – annotations to collection of rulings of the Senate of 2012 in all three branches of law, summaries of latest compilations of case-law, information about newest legal literature, authors of which are senators and assistants to senators of the Supreme Court.

The bulletin contains not only materials of the Supreme Court, but also those of the Board of Justice – decisions upon issues, which are conceptual for court system, and materials of Latvian Judges’ Conference of November 1 – allocutions, report on work of the Board of Justice, reports of judicial self-governmental institutions and presentations or materials about conference subjects prepared particularly for the bulletin.

Information material prepared by Irena Kucina, the deputy state Secretary on Court of the Ministry of Justice, about topical issues regarding work of courts in relation to amendments to the law “On Judicial Power” of 13 June 2013, report of Emils Plaksins, the deputy Head of the Office of the Representative of the Cabinet of Ministers before international human rights institutions, about topical issues of interaction of the European Court of Human Rights and Latvian courts, and insight into report on perception of corruption in work of courts and image of courts in Latvian society is also published.

At the end of the conference, the Supreme Court in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia offered practical introductions – in psychology, communication with media, Latvian language and Latin language. Articles of these lecturers are also published in the bulletin – psychologist Kaija Gulbe provides review on psychological attacks and defence, Lolita Stasane, specialist in communication –  on corporate reputation, and two Doctors of philology speak about language aspects – Andra Kalnaca – on culture and practice of Latvian language, and Ingars Gusans – on use of Latin language in judges’ work.

The Supreme Court bulletin has been prepared and published twice a year. It has been delivered to all Latvian courts, and it has also been sent to the National Library of Latvia and Faculties of Law of higher educational institutions, and placed on the web site of the Supreme Court


You may read the bulletin issue of December 2013 here.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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