On 22 October, the Supreme Court was visited by the Spanish Ambassador to Latvia, Susana Cámara Angulo, who was appointed to this position last autumn.

At the Supreme Court, Susana Cámara Angulo met with Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice introduced the Ambassador to the work of the Supreme Court, namely, the work already done and the present and future challenges. Ivars Bickovics also shared information on the cooperation between the Supreme Court of Latvia and the Supreme Court of Spain in improving and strengthening the judicial system by presenting the Ambassador the book “Best Practice Guide for Managing Supreme Courts” in creation of which both the Supreme Court of Latvia and the Supreme Court of Spain took part.

Susana Cámara Angulo also visited the historic premises of the Palace of Justice, its museum, thus learning about the development of the judiciary and the Latvian state.

Susana Cámara Angulo started her career in the diplomatic service in 1998. Prior to her appointment as Ambassador to Latvia, she was Chief of Staff of State Secretary´s Office, Foreign Affairs Ministry. Previously worked at Spanish diplomatic missions in Baghdad, Geneva, Paris and Tel Aviv.



Information prepared by Iveta Jaudzema, International Cooperation Specialist of the Supreme Court
E-mail: iveta.jaudzema@at.gov.lv; telephone +371 67020396