For the first time, Latvia has the opportunity to represent the position of Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union, and on November 13, a selection commission set up by the Ministry of Justice began its work, which will evaluate the nominees. Among the six candidates there are also Anita Zikmane, Head of the Division of Case-law and Research, and Jautrite Briede, Senator of the Department of Administrative Cases.

The Supreme Court put forth the candidature of Anita Zikmane. In the letter addressed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to the Ministry of Justice it is stated that the candidate's suitability as Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union has been assessed on the basis of her legal skills, diversity of professional experience, including experience in the international environment and in particular in matters of European Union law, understanding of the role of the Advocate General and compliance with it, as well as language skills.

Anita Zikmane's total length of service in the field of justice is 23 years, of which the last 7 years she has been working in the Supreme Court. Prior to that, she was a lawyer at the Court of Justice of the European Union, an assistant judge at the Court of First Instance of the European Communities, Director of the Civil Law Department of the Ministry of Justice and the Head of Division of the European Court of Justice.

Latvia has received an invitation from the President of the Court of Justice of the European Union to nominate a Latvian candidate for the vacant position of Advocate General. Latvia has to select one of the most suitable candidates from among persons whose independence is beyond doubt and who meet the requirements for the highest judicial office in their country or who are lawyers of recognized competence.

The Ministry of Justice had invited the permanent members of the Judicial Council to nominate candidates. The Legal Affairs Committee of the Saeima (Parliament), headed by a member of the Judicial Council, decided to nominate two candidates for further evaluation, among them – Senator Jautrite Briede.

More on the appointment process and responsibilities of the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union (information of the Ministry of Justice): see here (in Latvian)



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