The Supreme Court is launching the project "Application of e-solutions in the administration of court work and in the conduct of proceedings in Ukraine during the COVID-19 crisis". The project application developed by the Supreme Court Administration and the Court Administration has received support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Development Cooperation Grant Project Competition.

The aim of the project is to share the experience of using e-solutions in court work and process management during the COVID-19 crisis with the colleagues of the Supreme Court of Ukraine and the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, highlighting topics such as e-elections, working time accounting and crisis management.

The project envisages several activities. At the end of September, an online seminar for Ukrainian judges and court employees will be organized by the Supreme Court, where judges of the Supreme Court of Latvia and employees of the Administration will share experiences on how court work and legal proceedings are organized during the COVID-19 crisis. In turn, a visit of Ukrainian colleagues to Latvia is planned for October and November, as well as a visit of Latvian experts to Ukraine, if such visits will be possible due to epidemiological conditions.


In 2020, the project has received funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the development cooperation budget


Information prepared by

Janis Supe, Project manager of the Supreme Court