On August 30, at the closing conference devoted to the centenary of administrative justice "Values ​​and rationality: their limits in society and in the administration of justice", Veronika Krūmiņa, the chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate, stated that values as the theme of the conference was not chosen by chance, because "it is important to talk about more than just about those values ​​that the judge protects when administering justice, but also about the judge's own values, that is, about the judge's store of values ​​as a human being".

Veronika Krūmiņa also noted that the guiding principle of the conference - values ​​- has become even more relevant at this time and acquired a completely different tone, because there is the war going on in Europe. Russia's war in Ukraine is a war against the common values ​​of the Western world – human freedom, fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law. Russia's attack is a sharp reminder that the existence of a democratic legal state must not be taken for granted, once founded, it must be protected every day. "Judges have a special power and responsibility in this respect. Judges have all the necessary tools in their hands to protect the basic principles of a democratic legal state and prevent the abuse of rights that undermine democracy," said Veronika Krūmiņa, emphasizing the role of judges of administrative courts of all levels in protecting constitutional values. "Colleagues, I would like you to realize at today's conference that your work is of national importance and highly valued. Owing to you, the constitutional values ​​of our country are embodied in life in the relationship between people and state administration," said the senator.

The reading on values ​​and the development of human consciousness was given by Juris Rubenis, the director of the Institute of Integral Education, theologian and public worker, laureate of the first Statehood Award.

Juris Rubenis, Egils Levits, senator Jautrīte Briede, first chair of the Latvian People's Front Dainis Īvāns, philosopher Raivis Bičevskis and sworn advocate Agris Bitāns participated in the discussion on the topic of the conference. The discussion was led by Lauma Paegļkalna, the chair of the Association of Administrative Judges of Latvia.

Conference photos by Chancellery of the State President

Video record of the conference


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In 2021, the administrative courts celebrated two anniversaries. The Law on Administrative Courts was adopted 100 years ago, which laid the foundation for administrative justice in Latvia, and a new, modern Administrative Procedure Law was adopted 20 years ago. The year of the centenary of administrative justice, the final conference of which takes place in 2022, was dedicated to celebrating these two events.