The fundamental task of the Division of Case-law and Research has remained the same – to promote uniform case-law in the state – and, observing the strengthened capacity of the Division, it has been planned to work in three significant directions of activity. 

Anita Zikmane, the Head of the Division, indicated these three directions to the Plenary Session: case-law summarisation; compilations and studies of problematic issues, and ensuring of publicity of case-law and rulings of legal interest.

The division plans not only to carry out coordinating function in preparation of compilations and studies on case-law in future, but also to involve employees of the division in this work as well.  Therefore, there will further be compilations and studies researchers will be involved in, and compilations and studies, which will be carried out upon involvement of the personnel of the division. In future, it has been planned to separate actual compilation of case-law, the opinion of the researcher and conclusions made by respective department, if they will be annexed.    

It has been planned to carry out compilations of case-law, observing urgencies of cases transferred for adjudication in the departments as well. Compilations could be prepared not only as information material, but also as a basis for possible general meeting of judges of respective department or departments to discuss urgent issues of interpretation of legal provisions, to ensure uniformity in application of legal provisions.

The Division of Case-law and Research will also prepare studies on the EU law and international law and compilations of case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, which are necessary for work of the departments. Such compilations will be prepared upon request of a judge for adjudication of particular cases or as summaries on any problematic issues. 

The Division of Case-law and Research intends to expand the Judicature section on the web site of the Supreme Court. It has been planned to publish not only rulings of the Supreme Court with annexed judicature theses, but also rulings, which are of significance or of legal interest.

Expanding functions of previous Division of Case-law, as from 1 January the Division of Case-law and Research is established in the Supreme Court.  The personnel of the division is supplemented by two scientific advisers, the adviser on EU law issues and the adviser on issues related to the Council for the Judiciary.


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