A new exhibition "Valka - Latvia's Independence Cradle" is created in the Valka Local History Museum in the framework of the programme of the centenary anniversary of the state of Latvia, which also houses materials of the Supreme Court Museum on Voldemars Zamuels. He was the Chair of the Latvian Provisional National Council in 1917, but later in 1918-1921 – senator and chief prosecutor of the Senate of Latvia.

Valka Local History Museum thanks the Supreme Court Museum for information and copies of the family tree and photographs of Voldemars Zamuels, which are now located at the museum exhibition in Valka.

In 2017, a hundred years have passed since the meeting of Latvian Provisional National Council in Valka in 1917, and the accomplishment of which – combining Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale, promoting the idea of ​​independence in Latvia and internationally – laid the foundations for the state. Within the framework of the program of the centenary of Latvia, a cycle of events devoted to this historically significant event took place, which ended with a high-level international conference, festive concert, opening of a monument and exhibition in Valka on December 2.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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