The Board of Justice instructed Zane Petersone, the judge of Riga regional court, to execute judicial duties of a judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court as from the 3rd of June, for the term of a vacancy of a judge.

Vacant post of a judge occurred in the Chamber of Civil Cases as from the 1st of June, as previous term, to which Zane Petersone was instructed to execute duties of a judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases in period of a vacancy, was expired. Pursuant to the Paragraph Two Section 79 of the law “On Judicial Power, this term should not exceed two years.

The Board of Justice, pursuant to proposal of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and positive statement of the Judicial Qualification Committee, considered Zane Petersone to be appropriate candidate to continue to execute duties of a judge of the Chamber of Civil Cases.

Zane Petersone has got Doctor of Law in civil law and experience in a post of a judge since 2002. The judge has specialised in cases in field of intellectual property law, her monograph “Measures of civil legal protection of intellectual property” was published this year.  

Zane Petersone has also been member and Latvian representative in Association of European Judges for Mediation/Groupement Europeen des Magistrats pour la Mediation (GEMME), member and contact judge in the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters, as well as representative of the Republic of Latvia in United supervisory body of Eurojust.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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