In order to provide professional support to new judges of the Economic Court, no one of whom has experience as a judge, the court system forms a mentoring support. Each judge of the new court will have his or her own mentor or “coach” from another court, who will help them to acquire professional skills of a judge.

At its meeting on March 12, the Judicial Council adopted a summons calling on chairs of courts to encourage the attraction of mentors to training of new judges of the Economic Court, reducing the workload of mentors in reviewing cases accordingly.

Support for the commencement of work of the new court will also be provided by Riga Regional Court, which is the second instance where the rulings of the Economic Court will be appealed.

The Economic Court will begin its work on March 31. The Judicial Council considers it necessary to ensure a professionally safe and inclusive work environment.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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