On Monday, May 30, Aigars Strupišs, the Chair of the Judicial Council, and Dzintra Balta, the Deputy Chair of the Judicial Council, met with the judges of the Vidzeme Regional Court in order to discuss topical issues of the work of the Judicial Council and courts.

The Chair of the Judicial Council Aigars Strupišs informed the judges of Vidzeme Regional Court about the strategy approved by the Judicial Council for 2021-2025 and the work planned for this year. "The Judicial Council is a body representing the judiciary, therefore the capacity of the Judicial Council must be strengthened, as well as the work of the institutions of judicial self-government must be improved," Aigars Strupišs emphasized.

Possible improvements for streamlining the work of judicial self-government institutions, including the procedure of electing members, were discussed with judges. Moreover, the members of the Judicial Council and judges discussed the procedure for selecting new judges.

The judges of Vidzeme Regional Court expressed the need to improve the qualification of judge assistants, as well as the need to discuss the usefulness of the existing evaluation system for court employees.

Members of the Judicial Council and judges also discussed the need to communicate and inform the public about significant judgments.

When discussing the functionality of the electronic case management system, the judges indicated that significant improvements were needed in the operation of the system.

The Judicial Council participates in the development of the policy and strategy of the judiciary, as well as in the improvement of the organization of the work of the judiciary. Therefore, in order to ensure a high-quality and direct dialogue with the judiciary, members of the Judicial Council have scheduled a number of regional visits to the courts.


Lana Mauliņa, Adviser to the Secretariat of the Judicial Council on communication matters

E-mail: Lana.Maulina@at.gov.lv, telephone: +371 67020711