On Friday, July 1, the Judicial Council approved the guidelines developed by the Secretariat of the Judicial Council for the management of case examination deadlines in courts and supported the proposed priority measures of district (city) courts, district courts, and the Supreme Court for 2023-2025.

The guidelines have been developed with the aim of strengthening a unified methodology for the development of standard of case examination deadlines and for the management of actual case examination deadlines. In contrast to existing guidelines, which put the main emphasis on the forecasts of case examination deadlines, the new version of the guidelines pays more attention to the collection and analysis of statistical indicators of court activity, thus providing an idea not only of the planned case examination deadlines, but also providing an opportunity to compare them with the court performance indicators of the previous year. Courts shall apply the guidelines by submitting the planned case examination deadlines to the Judicial Council at the beginning of each year.

The Judicial Council also supported the priority measures of budgeting of district (city) courts, regional courts, and the Supreme Court for 2023-2025 as proposed by the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice. Priority measures of the Supreme Court include competitive remuneration of the employees of the Supreme Court, full health insurance for judges and employees of the Supreme Court, creation of the website of the Judicial Council and organization of the conference "The role of the courts in the execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights". Whereas, the priority measures of the district (city) courts and regional courts include increasing the monthly salaries of court employees and covering the costs of health insurance policies, equipping courtrooms with modern technical means, developing electronic case management system, improving the working environment in courts, ensuring the operation of judges' self-governance institutions, improving information systems and creation of the centralized archive in Jēkabpils.



Lana Mauliņa, Adviser to the Secretariat of the Judicial Council on communication matters

E-mail: Lana.Maulina@at.gov.lv, telephone: +371 67020711