The Ministry of Justice, having analysed experience of other countries and performed discussions with experts, developed recommendations on amendments to legal regulations directed to fixing of responsibility to tell the truth to the court in the Civil Procedure Law, and asked for opinion of the Board of Justice, if responsibility of participants of a case for indecent use of rights in civil procedure should be fixed with civil procedural sanctions only, or criminal procedure should be envisaged additionally. The Board of Justice supported version that responsibility for indecent use of rights has been fixed in the Civil Procedure Law with obligation to tell the truth and civil procedural sanctions.

Firstly, direct obligation for parties, third parties and representatives to give thorough and true information about facts and circumstances of a case and to provide only true explanations to the court would be stipulated in the law.  

Secondly, to increase freedom of action of a court itself to promote decent use of rights and responsibilities of a participant of a case, it has been envisaged to implement new civil procedural sanctions for showing disrespect to the court or indecent use of rights and responsibilities, and protraction of a case.  

The issue was reviewed in the sitting of the Board of Justice on January, 27

Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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