When planning the budget for the coming years, the Cabinet of Ministers hears the opinion of the Judicial Council on the priorities of the court budget. Having evaluated the priority measures applied for by the Supreme Court and the priority measures applied by the Ministry of Justice for district (city) courts, regional courts and intersectoral priority actions in the budget of 2021–2023, the Judicial Council supported them.

Two priorities of the Supreme Court are to increase the salaries of court staff and to develop the mobility of information technology infrastructure. The third priority is to increase the capacity of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate by transferring two judges of the Regional Administrative Court and their assistants to the Supreme Court for two years.

The Ministry of Justice has also announced an increase in the monthly salaries of employees of district (city) courts and regional courts as a first priority. Further priorities include strengthening the competencies of judges and staff by providing the necessary training, improvement of video-conferencing and computer infrastructure, introduction of security systems in courts and provision of security, covering the increase in the cost of renting court premises, as well as the introduction of e-case in the court proceedings and the renewal and maintenance of cloud service licenses.

The cross-sectoral priority measures envisage the location of institutions in the newly constructed administrative building of the justice sector in Jekabpils. Zemgale District Court in Jekabpils and structural units of the State Land Service, the Register of Enterprises, the State Probation Service and the Prosecutor's Office will be located there.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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