The Board of Justice in its session on the 27th of February, which took place in written proceedings, adopted several decisions related to issues of judicial career.

Appointment of Chairs of courts and their deputies is supported

The Board of Justice has supported appointment of Eduards Veiss in the post of the Chair of Balvi district court for five years and appointment of Alberts Kokins in the post of the Chair of Jelgava city court for five years. Both candidatures of Chairs of a court are supported repeatedly - Eduards Veiss has managed Balvi district court since 1986, and Alberts Kokins has managed Jelgava court since 1995.

Appointment of Liga Asmane, the judge of Jelgava court, in the post of a vice-Chair of the Jelgava court for five years is also supported. This candidature is also supported repeatedly – Liga Asmane has been vice-Chair of Jelgava court since 2002.

Decisions on transfer of judges are adopted 

With decision of the Board of Justice, the judge Dina Suipe as from the 11th of March has been transferred in the post of a judge from Riga court house of the Administrative district court to the Riga city Ziemelu district court.

The Board of Justice also has supported petition of Daina Treija, the judge of the Supreme Court, to approve her in the post of a judge of district (city) court and determined, after the approval in the post of a judge of district (city) court in the Saeima, to execute duties in Riga city Zemgalu Suburb court.

The judge applied in competition for a vacant post of a judge in Riga city Zemgalu Suburb court, reasoning her application with changes of domestic reasons and prospective change of place of residence. 


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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