At the court hearing on March 15, the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate examined an application for annulment of the decision of the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia to include the applicant in the “black list”, that is to include a foreigner in the list of foreigners banned from entering the Republic of Latvia.

In an open court session, the Senate heard the participants in the proceedings. A representative of the Ministry of the Interior stated that the application was not admitted. The representative explained that the decision had been made on the basis of the opinions of the competent authority – the State Security Service, and that both the person's right to privacy and the possible economic connection with Latvia had been assessed in making the decision.

At the court hearing, the representative of the applicant, indicating that he had read the summary of the findings in the case prepared by the State Security Service, requested the court to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the full text of the opinions of the State Security Service.

Declaring a separate part of the court hearing closed, the court examined the case file, including the opinions that were the basis for the adoption of the appealed decision, as well as questioned the representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the State Security Service. The court ruled that the case should be adjourned to request additional information from the State Security Service.

The next hearing date will be determined upon receipt of the requested information.

Case No SA-1/2021


Information prepared by Baiba Kataja, the Press Secretary of the Supreme Court
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