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Sittings of the Judicil Council shall be convened by the Chair of the Council on his or her own initiative or at the request of one third of members of the Council.

A member of the Council submits proposals to the Secretariat on the issues to be considered at the sitting of the Council. The Chair of the Council shall put an issue on the agenda and the Council shall examine it within one month from the date of submission.

The sittings of the Council are chaired by the Chair of the Judicial Council.

Sittings of the Council are public unless the Council decides otherwise.

The Council may adopt decisions by written procedure. In such cases, the Secretariat shall prepare the statement on the nature of the subject matter, the draft decision and the documents necessary for adoption of the decision and forward them to the Council’s members and representatives having advisory rights.

If any of the members of the Council objects to a written procedure for consideration of a particular issue, a sitting of the Council shall be convened.