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Judicial self-government institutions

Independence of the judiciary is expressed not only as independent administering of justice (in narrower meaning), but also as system of judicial careers, which is apolitical and based solely on professionalism. Independent system of judicial self-government plays a significant role in it.

Judicial self-government institutions are:

Judicial self-government institutions are independent institutions, and their work is regulated by the law “On Judicial Power” and the Judicial Disciplinary Liability Law.

Institutions are not subjected to the Judicial Council; however, the Judicial Council promotes their foundation and operation – convenes judges’ conferences, at which self-government institutions are elected  and their reports are heard, and approves their by-laws (except for the Disciplinary Committee).


Contact information:

Judicial Disciplinary Committee:

Ministry of Justice: Ksenija Vitola: +371 67036861, +371 28304809, ksenija.vitola@tm.gov.lv, Head of Communication and Technical Supply Division; Lana Maulina, Public Relations Specialist: +371 67036738, +371 27846380, lana.maulina@tm.gov.lv

Judicial Qualification Committee:

Court Administration: Inara Makarova, Public relations specialist: +371 29299565, inara.makarova@ta.gov.lv

Judicial Ethics Commission:

E-mail of the Commission: etikaskomisija@ta.gov.lv

Court Administration: Inara Makarova, Public relations specialist: +371 26447901, inara.makarova@ta.gov.lv


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