The Courthouse Agency has issued a book “Office of Senate’s rulings. Conclusions of the Senate of Latvia on the application of the provisions of the Civil Law (1938-1940)”. The book is dedicated to the Office of Senate’s rulings established in the Senate of Latvia in 1938, the establishment of which initiated the research and compilation of the case-law in Latvia.

The author of the idea is Zinaida Indruna, consultant of the Supreme Court's Division of Case-law and Research, as well as other specialists of the Supreme Court and Courthouse Agency and academic staff of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia have taken part in the creation of the book.

Based on the principles of the unity and succession of the legal system, the significance of the conclusions of the Senate as the supreme judicial authority in the interpretation of legal provisions has not been lost and they still can be used both in court rulings and for the development of legal doctrine. However, for a wider range of today’s lawyers, knowledge of the rulings of the Senate of Latvia and their practical use is insufficient. Therefore, the book is designed to mitigate these knowledge gaps.

The first part of the book summarizes extensive informative material on the history of the Office of Senate’s rulings. Documents found in the Latvian State Historical Archives, including those not previously published, were used to write the book.

The second part of the book includes a selection of theses of rulings of the Senate, compiled by the Office of Senate’s rulings, on issues related to the application of the provisions of the Civil Law. This will allow one to make sure that the value of the conclusions contained in the rulings of the Senate as an ancillary source has not been lost and can be used to interpret legal provisions also today.

The theses selected for publication are systematized according to valid edition of the Civil Law (with amendments proclaimed before 01.12.2018) and published together with the provisions of the Civil Law that justify the relevant conclusion of the Senate or together with the provision interpreted by the Senate.

References to the relevant sections of the Civil Law contain all the historical versions of these sections. Explanations of foreign words, obsolete words and expressions, keywords attached to theses, information on where the full texts of Senate rulings used for creation of theses can be found are summarized in separate sections.

An insight into the activities of the Supreme Court in summarizing and publishing the conclusions of case-law is given as well. An appendix contains indications on the use of the conclusions of the Senate of Latvia in the practice of the Department of Civil Cases of the Supreme Court (Senate).

The book is available at the online store and kiosks of the Courthouse Agency.



Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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