The publisher "Latvijas Vēstnesis" has issued the monograph “Towards the Purpose of Criminal Proceedings or Criminological Genes” written by Janis Baumanis, Legal Research Counsel to the Department of Criminal Cases of the Supreme Court.

In the book devoted to the topic of criminal procedure law, the author analyses legal institutions in link with practice. By highlighting a specific legal issue, he not only offers possible options for improving practice, but also expresses his opinion on the creation of legal norms.

The author focuses on criminal procedure law as well as on criminology and criminal law, by integrating the topic into various legal fields. All these fields are linked, by taking a criminal offense as basis and by analogy. This approach gives the book a unique style.

The structure of the monograph is subordinated to the chain of progress of criminal proceedings, moving from the initiation of criminal proceedings to its completion, paying special attention to the identification of the causes and circumstances of the criminal offense.

The book could be useful for criminal law practitioners, for criminal law students, as well as for the legislator in developing draft laws.


Information and photo by Latvijas Vēstnesis