“The book should be considered as so called fundamental legal literature, which reviews and analyses many fundamental problematic issues characteristic for general civil law. Chapters of the book contain all latest conclusions of legal theory and practice”, associated professor, Dr.iur. Janis Karklins wrote in preface to the latest book of Kalvis Torgans, the senator of the Supreme Court, which is dedicated to the most important, at present, field of civil law – contract and delict law. The book is published in Latvian language.

Particularly positive assessment has been given to the fact that the book contains analysis of latest amendments to the Civil Law in relation to reform of regulation on contractual penalty in Latvia. As this reform and other issues studied are topical for lawyers, economists and businessmen, then due to analysis of the subject included in the book it is possible to consider this work as one of the most important editions of legal literature of latest time. 

In their turn, publishers of the book – Courthouse Agency – indicate that there was no book with such content published in Latvia before. It provides detailed and in-depth review about works upon unification of contract and delict law in the European Union, and – in larger scale – about fundamental problems faced by legislators of the EU member states, inter alia, of Latvia, and courts and legal scientists within circumstances of globalisation of trade relations.

Dr.iur. Lauris Rasnacs, who is the second author of preface, points out that the book contains review of issues, which were analysed little in Latvian law previously, for example, freedom of contracts, causal relationship as prerequisite of responsibility. Issues to be discussed in light of EU legal initiatives have also been stressed, for example, mandatory force of contracts, responsibility for harm caused by unsafe goods or unsafe service. Review about changes in practice of application of demurrages is interesting and useful, as significant amendments had been made to the Civil Law recently. Review about mandatory character of a contract and allowable derogation from that, which has been provided, having reviewed Latvian legal norms in interrelation of those with conclusions of contract law of other countries and regulations included in sources of international unification of contract laws, has also been pointed out.

As it has always been in professor Torgans’s works – in this book, which is serious scientific study, information has been displayed in thorough way, which is easy to perceive, and it is supplemented with many examples.  

Professor Dr.iur. Kalvis Torgans, the senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate, is the leading scientist in Latvian civil law; his scientific interests also include business activities, comparative law, and protection of consumers’ rights. The professor has participated in drafting of more than 60 legal provisions, has written 16 books and has actively worked both in academic work in the University of Latvia and practical proceedings in the Supreme Court.  

The book “Problems of contract and delict law” is available at the most expedient price in Courthouse Agency shops and in the Internet shop www.tna.lv.


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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