Gunars Aigars, the former Chair of the Chamber of Civil Cases became the Person of the Year of the Supreme Court-2014 in a collective vote.

Colleagues, when nominating Gunars Aigars to this nomination, stressed that he was a man, whose lifelong contribution to work of a judge does not require particular reasoning of nominating – it is approval of gratitude and respect. He was granted the title of the Judge Emeritus this year.

It is indicated in the vote that Gunars Aigars is a man of genius, whose contribution to justice and work and development of the Supreme Court is enormous. He represented the Supreme Court in work groups and committees, inter alia, in work group on the Civil Procedure Law, co-author of comments on the Civil Procedure Law. Competent, good lawyer and colleague, erudite person and optimistic citizen. Wise and does not refuse an advice. Excellent pedagogical skills, talent to involve ambient people in constructive discussion. Energetic, bright and vigorous person, to whom it is always interesting to talk. Went to deserved retirement, but he will always be and will always remain the most outstanding judge, adviser and simply a good man.

Another three traditional Themis Awards, namely, the Judge of the Year, the Judge’s Assistant of the Year and the Employee of the Year.  

The title of the Judge of the Year-2014 was given to Voldemars Cizevskis, the judge of the Department of Criminal Cases. The Judge’s Assistant of the Year-2014 is Renate Vernusa, the assistant to the judge of the Department of Civil Cases, and the Employee of the Year-2014 – Jekabs Lacis, specialist of the Division of Information Technologies.  

Themis Awards have been presented in the Supreme Court for tenth year. Voting takes place in two turns and each judge and employee in the first turn has an opportunity to introduce those persons, who in his or her opinion deserve this title. In the second turn, people vote for three candidates, who received majority of votes, when being nominated.

Title of the Person of the Year of the Supreme Court was presented to former senators Rolands Krauze, Imants Fridrihsons and Roberts Guntis Namatevs; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ivars Bickovics and former Chief Justice Andris Gulans; the Chair of the Chamber of Civil Cases Gunars Aigars and former judge of the same chamber Aiva Zarina; Pavels Gruzins, the Head of the Division of Case-law; Zigmants Gencs, the Chair of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate and  Kalvis Torgans, the senator of the Department of Civil Cases of the Senate.

Information prepared by Baiba Kataja, the Press secretary of the Supreme Court
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