On the 30 rd of August, on a formal working visit has arrived Mr. Zoltan Lomnici - President of the Supreme Court, who also leads National Council of Justice and who was elected in year 2004 as a Vice-President of the Association of the Presidents of the Supreme Courts of the European Union.
The delegation also formed Head of the Presidentiall Office Edita Flucka-Papacsi and Senior Advisor on International Matters Hedviga Barani-Hajdu.
They were accompanied by ambassador of Hungary in the Baltic States Istvans Mohacsi, whose residence is in Tallinn, and honorary consul of Hungary Ariana Župika.
After a meeting with Chief Justice Andris Guļāns there were a discussion in the Legal affairs committee of Saeima about legislation issues of judicial authorities current importance – judicial system, competence of Judicial Council, and regulation of judges disciplinary responsibility.
In the afternoon Zoltan Lomnici met the heads of structural units of Supreme Court and judges to discuss matters related to organization of the courts functioning. A meeting with Prosecutor General Jānis Maizītis also took place. In the evening in honor of eminent guests Chief Justice Andris Guļāns gave a dinner in Jurmala.
Zoltans Lomnici was born in 1954 in Budapest, obtaining a post in the professional staff of the Supreme Court in 1991, in 1998 he was appointed Secretary General, since 1999 he has been leading one of the chambers of the Supreme Court. From 1993 to 2002 Zoltan Lomnici was a president of the Association of Hungarian Administrative Judges.
The President of the Republic of Hungary appointed him Vice-President of the Supreme Court on 1 February 2002 and subsequently the Parliament elected him President of the Supreme Court for six years on 25 June 2002.
Hungarian court system is four-level. Supreme Court is subdivided into three departments: criminal, administrative and civil department, in which there are more than 70 judges.
In order to separate the judiciary from the executive, in the year 1997 the National Council of Justice was established in Hungary, there are 15 members – the President of Supreme Court, 9 judges elected by the judiciary through delegates, the Minister of Justice, the Prosecutor General, the President of the National Bar Association and two MPs.