On Friday, 12 July, Frederik Waage, Law Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, visited the Supreme Court. In the framework of the project "Digitalization at Courts" funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the professor interviewed representatives of the Supreme Court about the level achieved and issues regarding digitalization at courts in Latvia.

The aim of the project is to evaluate the current state of digitalization at the courts of all Nordic and Baltic States in order to discover the reasons why the introduction of digitalization is often delayed or fails. Carrying out the research about the situation in Latvia, Professor Waage met with Anita Zikmane, Head of the Division of Case-law and Research, with Elina Majore, Head of the Chancery, and with Janis Supe, Project Manager at the Supreme Court. During the meeting, representatives of the Supreme Court introduced the Professor with the Court Information System, the possibility for the parties to submit case files electronically, the court portal manas.tiesas.lv, the Supreme Court case-law rulings database, as well as with the use of videoconferencing equipment in courts. Professor Waage was particularly interested in the impact of procedural laws on the digitalization at courts, as well as challenges faced by Latvia in this area.

At the conclusion of the visit, Professor Frederik Waage acknowledged that, if compared to the Nordic courts, there are many similarities in the field of digitalization at courts in Latvia. In some areas, even greater progress has been made, for example, in Latvia, all final court decisions are available free of charge in anonymized form, which is not the case in other countries involved in research project. Latvia, too, is currently facing the same challenges that other countries encounter, such as gradually putting into practice e-Case project.

The final project report, including a section on digitalization at Latvian courts, is planned to be publicly available in 2020.


Information prepared by Janis Supe, Project Manager at the Supreme Court