Senators and judges of the Supreme Court have donated more than 500 lats for the restoration of the Zalve lutheran church. Gratitude for the responsiveness was expressed by the initiators of the idea of restoration of the church – the honorary citizens of the Zalve pagasts (rural district), the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans and the senator of the Department of Criminal Cases of the Senate Vilnis Vietnieks. The clergyman of the Zalve, Nereta and Sauka parishes Aldis Pavlovics thanks all the senators and judges for the contribution in restoration of the Zalve church.

Only walls have remained from the Zalve church built in 1851, the services are held in adjusted premises in the old municipality building. It is one of the good initiatives of the formed inhabitants of Zalve to restore the church of the native country. V. Vietnieks tells that at first the restoration project has to be worked out, then a foundation for restoration of the church has to be established and the contributors have to be sought. To restore the church which was ruined during the soviet period at least 250 thousand lats will be needed. V. Vietnieks is certain that the good intention will have results, and services again will be held in the beautiful Zalve church.

One more initiative of V. Vientieks which has already been implemented was the memorial plaque to the long-term director of the Sproģi primary school, linguist and natural scientist Oskars Freimanis. The memorial plaque at the building of the primary school was opened last week, during the ceremony of celebration of the honorary citizens of the Zalve rural district.

The Zalve rural district of the Aizkraukle region is proud of and maintains contacts with its countrymen. A tradition has been established – to confer a status of an honorary citizen to those persons who have promoted the development of the Zalve rural district and have helped the name of the native country to become known also outside Latvia. Last year, the certificate of an honorary citizen and a silver badge with an engraved sign of Laima (a Latvian deity) was awarded to the first five honorary citizens, among them also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans. This year, to continue the tradition, the status of a honorary citizen was conferred to five more inhabitants of Zalve, including the Supreme Court senator Vilnis Vientieks.

V. Vientieks is satisfied for the approval of the inhabitants of Zalve, and he has intended some more activities connected with his native country. This year, his first book of poems “Selijas vejs” (The Wind of Selija) will be published the editing of which was undertaken by another former inhabitant of Zalve, the poet Imants Auzins. Afterwards, he has the intention to write an essay “Viena pagasta pieci juristi” (“Five lawyers of one rural district”) dedicated to those who were born in thr Zalve rural district – the Chief Prosecutor of the Zemgales courts region Pavils Cvetkovs, the attorney Valentins Cers, the Chairman of the Latgale Regional Court Karlis Valdemiers, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Andris Gulans, and himself.


Information prepared by Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

Author: Rasma Zvejniece, Head of the Division of Communications of the Supreme Court

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