In order to stimulate reflection on how the principles and values ​​of the Satversme (Constitution) live in our daily lives, including in relation to court cases, a senator's opinion on the values, principles and application of the Satversme will be available every week in the Twitter account of the Supreme Court.

A finding contained in a ruling in which a senator has been a judge-rapporteur, an opinion expressed in publications and speeches or the idea of ​​a senator formulated for this particular record will reveal how senators explore, sense and apply what is written in the fundamental law adopted 100 years ago.

Senators' findings will be searchable by hashtags #Satversme100 and #SenatsparSatversmi.


Today, on the 100th anniversary of the Satversme, having commenced this series of tweets, the first record is made in memory of the rich collection of constitutional findings left by Senator Dace Mita. The Constitution for the senator was not just a law, but much more. She knew how to make the country's historical values ​​modern and real.

"In the process of application of legal provisions, a fair result must be achieved in today's circumstances, which means that legal provisions must live with the times. There is no reason to look differently at the Satversme in this respect. The Satversme, taking into account its central role in the Latvian legal system, is the first one, which, despite the time of its adoption, may and must be interpreted in accordance with today's circumstances.”

Dace Mita was the judge-rapporteur at the joint sitting of the Department of Administrative Cases as it adopted a ruling in the case No SA-5/2014 regarding the annulment of the results of the Saeima (Parliament) elections, in which this finding was expressed.


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In the centenary of the Satversme, the Supreme Court emphasizes the contribution of the Senate to the strengthening of the fundamental values of the Satversme – democracy and the rule of law – and to ensuring the fundamental rights of a person. The project “Senate on the Constitution” focuses on the research and analysis of how the Senate in its rulings reads and interprets the values set forth in the articles and principles of the Satversme. Other activities are also taking place, organized both by the Supreme Court itself and by Supreme Court’s participation in joint events organized by other institutions and the judicial system. More information is available on the Supreme Court website in the section “Senate on the Constitution” and on the inter-institutional website