On the 17th of June, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepted an oath of seventeen advocated, admitted in the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates. All of them are ex-assistants to sworn advocates.

Number of sworn advocates has been supplemented by Aleksandrs Bogdanovs, Dita Busa, Raivis Grinbergs, Andrejs Krumins, Gunta Laizane, Kristine Lemantovica, Liga Mence, Anzelika Pudule, Ingrida Purina, Arvids Rozens, Sergejs Stacenko, Danute Tumase, Marina Urbane, Iveta Valtere, Sabine Vilcina, Madara Volksone and Davis Volksons.

Ivars Bickovics, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, having accepted an oath, expressed assurance that new advocates with their work will do the honour both to Latvian advocacy and judicial system in general, because, as the Chief Justice of the Supreme court stressed – although an advocate is a representative of free profession, who works in interests of his/her clients, but this post also belongs to court system.  “Everyone – judges, advocates, prosecutors and bailiffs – together create perception and attitude of society towards system called judiciary”, I.Bickovics, wishing new advocates not to forget it in daily work and to become authorities in opinion of both clients and colleagues. 

To become a sworn advocate, a person who has an appropriate education and work experience, passes the advocate’s exam. If the Board of Sworn Advocates hasn’t received information that there are obstacles stated in the Law on Advocacy for admission of the new candidate, it admits a candidate in the community of sworn advocates. Before sworn advocates start their work, according to Paragraph 46 of the Law on Advocacy the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepts the oath of newly admitted advocates.


Deputy of Riga Council gives the advocate’s oath

On the 19th of June, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court accepted an oath of one more advocate, newly admitted in the Council of Sworn Advocates.

The advocate’s oath was given by Vjacelsavs Stepanenko, the deputy of Riga Council, the Chair of group of deputies of Riga Council from party LPP/LC and the Head of several committees of the council.  


Information prepared by

Rasma Zvejniece, the Head of the Division of Communication of the Supreme Court

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