In the course of two days, on 27 and 28 February, four groups of students arrived at the Supreme Court to take part in lessons in law led by Veronika Krumina, the Chair of the Department of Administrative Cases of the Senate. 130 students from Riga Grammar School of Nordic Languages, Vilaka State Gymnasium, Rekava Secondary School, Aizupe Primary School and Riga Building College visited the Court. Students learnt about the judicial system and the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, as well as about the different types of proceedings, the possibilities of appeal and the daily work of a judge.

There were different questions students asked the senator: “What is the greatest satisfaction in the work of a judge? What skills are needed to become a judge? What are the privileges of a judge?” And there were even questions not related to judicial issues, such as – what is judge's favourite music band.

When asked, what is the greatest satisfaction in the work of a judge, senator Veronika Krumina marked a well-decided case and an understandable court judgment, especially if a complicated legal issue is dealt with in a case. In turn, judges’ privilege is independence, the judge is subordinate only to the law, the judge is not subordinate to any superior. At the same time, the senator pointed out that the judge should always keep in mind that judges are judges seven days a week and 24 hours a day, when being out in society, communicating in social networks, or attending events.

Replying to students’ questions, the senator also gave examples and experiences of her life. The senator encouraged students to be alert and attentive when they face signing of any legal documents, and not to be careless and not to be a guarantor for a friend or an acquaintance, as it could result in consequences and one may have to pay for a loan taken by a friend. In conclusion, Veronika Krumina wished the students to find their place in life and not make mistakes when choosing a career, so that their work would bring them fulfilment.

After the lesson, the students walked the historical premises of the Palace of Justice and attended the Supreme Court Museum.

The lessons in law have been given at the Supreme Court since 2009. In January and February this year, five lessons in law were held. Students of Rezekne Academy of Technologies and Riga Tourism and Creative Industry Technical College have applied to attend them in March.


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